GMR 300 metre special hose HPE 27 Drainjetter Proffesional

Standard Features: 

300 metre special hose HPE 27 x 3.3mm with hydraulic motor rewind
Flexible cleaning nozzle 12 hose of 2mm diameter
Distance counter
Three piston diaphragm pump 50bar 140l/m (cleaning pressure max 35bar)
Four big wheel (200mm) driven system with two hydraulic motors
Variable speed regulation by hydraulic system
Height adjustment of the guide arm by hydraulic cylinder
Hand hydraulic control of the hydraulics with speed variation
Water suction hose 10 metre
Overflow hose 6 metre
Rear lights and reflectors
Tractor requires one double acting spool block
Two filtration system of the dirty water before pump
Manual in and out of the guide arm


Contact:  Geoff Barrett - Mobile:  07594 656879